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Comparative Education: Continuing Traditions, New Challenges, and New Paradigms

Editor: Mark Bray


ISBN 10: 1-4020-1143-1; ISBN 13: 978-1-4020-1143-6. (May 2003, 264pp.)

HK$150 (local), US$20 or EURO€15 (overseas)

Publisher: Kluwer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Available from Comparative Education Research Centre, The University of Hong Kong


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At the beginning of the new century, the field of comparative education has emerged with new features. Some of these features result from new technologies, while others reflect political transitions and the forces of globalization. The field embraces new insights on cultures, and scholars are exploring diverse units of analysis.


This book presents perspectives on these changes while noting various continuing traditions. Its contributors come from a wide range of countries and contexts, and present their work within a framework set by the 11th congress of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES). The book makes a valuable methodological as well as conceptual contribution to the field.

The Editor

Mark Bray is Secretary General of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (WCCES). He is also Chair Professor of Comparative Education, and Dean of the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong. He has written extensively in the field of comparative education, with particular emphasis on policy analysis, the financing of education and methodological issues.


The Authors

Mark Bray, David N. Wilson, Douglas L. Morgan, Yoko Yamato, Wolfgang Mitter, Tadashi Endo, Joseph Zajda, Hiroko Fujikane, Nirmala Rao, Kai-Ming Cheng, Kirti Narain, Meesook Kim, Diane M. Hoffman, Barbara Schulte and Hiroyuki Numata.



Table of Contents:



Tradition, Change, and the Role of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies (Mark Bray)


Conceptual and Methodological Approaches

The Future of Comparative and International Education in a Globalised World (David N. Wilson)


Appropriation, Appreciation, Accommodation: Indigenous Wisdoms and Knowledges in Higher Education (Douglas L. Morgan)


Comparative Education in a Microcosm: Methodological Insights from the International Schools in Hong Kong (Mark Bray & Yoko Yamato)


Political Forces and Comparative Education

A Decade of Transformation: Educational Policies in Central and Eastern Europe (Wolfgang Mitter)


Decentralization and Educational Reform in Siberia and the Russian Far East (Tadashi Endo)


Lifelong Learning and Adult Education: Russia meets the West (Joseph Zajda)


Approaches to Global Education in the United States, England and Japan (Hiroko Fujikane)


Primary Schooling in China and India: Understanding how Sociocontextual Factors Moderate the Role of the State (Nirmala Rao, Kai-Ming Cheng & Kirti Narain)


Cultures in Comparative Perspective

Cultural and School-Grade Difference in Korean and White American Children’s Narrative Skills (Meesook Kim)


Childhood Ideology in the United States: A Comparative Cultural View (Diane M. Hoffman)


Social Hierarchy and Group Solidarity: The Meanings of Work and Vocation/Profession in the Chinese Context and their Implications for Vocational Education (Barbara Schulte)


What Children have Lost by the Modernisation of Education: A Comparison of Experience in Western Europe and Eastern Asia (Hiroyuki Numata)

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