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Welcome to the Faculty of Education Summer Institute Programme at HKU!Please check the promotional video here.

Summer Institute participants Testimonials
Participant from Cambodia, 2017 I would like to say I was fortunate to participate in such a productive and inspiring seminar; HKU Summer Institute 2017. What I first most experienced positively was what I have learned on how the program was organized and run. I do appreciate the HKU cross-sectional collaboration where the heads and highly experienced faculty work together for their shared goals, making HKU Summer Institute successful and great. Secondly, I learned a lot not only the knowledge and skills they shared but also their presentation and facilitation skills.
Participant from Laos, 2017 I have a great 10 days experience at Summer Institute to learn and share knowledge to each other that from different countries and cultures. The most valuable information from the top line of the faculties, administration office, students activities and so on at HKU. As a wonderful example on the environment at HKU with advance technology, mind set and green environment. In addition, I also enjoy the practice of making a camera after we finish lecture. Moreover, the knowledge product is a great practice to get to know the need or plan on each country .
Participant from Nigeria, 2016 I learnt about the vision, mission and trends of higher education and how this will look like in future. I must say that words cannot fully express the positive impact the SI had on us as participants, especially me. I am sure in a short while from now, when results from participants’ positive impacts on their societies begin to come in, we will be able to have a re- assessment.
Participant from Mongolia, 2016 I have learnt from the SI many key aspects placing in Higher  Education and HEIs for nowadays and near future. ……we had a chance to listen highly motivated, practised and qualified lecturers in their professional area. The organizers, lecturers and mentors were master in his/her field. …… at the end of SI-2016, organizers, lecturers could raise aspirations of participants’ giving comprehensive knowledge, going through the real world cases and trying to involve everyone in learning/doing process.
Participant from Bangladesh, 2015 My participation in Summer Institute is a rewarding one for me. I have learnt may aspects of higher education that made me conversant with Asian Higher Education system. I am now more confident than earlier and I have network with education leaders in the region. 
Resource person from South Korea, 2015 I thought and appreciated that the two programs were very creatively connected in bringing up not only the issues and new agenda in innovating our higher educations systems in Asia, but also reminding us of our experiences in the past decades ad attempting to link them to now developing states. 
Participant from Mongolia, 2014 We have had intriguing insights at the sessions in Higher Education Tomorrow. The institute is a good hub to foster more and more effective collaborations between the ASIAN universities.
Participant from Myanmar, 2014 It is really a very pleasant environment where people are gathering from different places with the diverse cultural background talking about their own system and experiences for the same destiny of the development of Higher Education .
Participant from Indonesia, 2014 I like it your style where the program is adjusted according to the situation and needs without losing the core lines as per the program aims and objectives. I particularly like the enthusiasm of the facilitators. They are all very kind and eager to share their experiences and knowledge. 
Participant from Macau, 2013 The highlight of this Summer Institute is the intimate interactions between the participants and facilitators, especially in such large scale. Most of the time during the Institute, thoughts and insights are generated from the multilateral discussions whereas unilateral sharing couldn’t reach such an impact.. The diversity and freedom of academic autonomy in HKU bring new challenge to my paradigm of thoughts.
Participant from US, 2013 I found it very intriguing and eye-opening, particularly on understanding the different situations in various countries. Granted I work in the American system and quite familiar with the discussions that facilitators gave, it was the discussions by fellow participants that made me realize what else is happening and what difficulties others are facing. This has a tremendous significance on globalization of higher education. 
From Facilitators and PhD students Testimonials
Facilitator from China I enjoy every minutes of it and have learned a lot from the talks and discussions as well. Asian countries have a great potential in higher education development, but from the discussion, we feel that we are facing the same challenges. 
PhD from Vietnam  What I have learnt from the summer institute 2015 is not about knowledge or mechanism, but about human and the dreams in the process of higher education building in time of ever changing scenario.