The University of Hong Kong Faculty of Education, HKU

Testimonial from participants of 2013 & 2014

"I like it your style where the program is adjusted according to the situation and needs without losing the core lines as per the programme aims and objectives. I particularly like the enthusiasm of the facilitaors. They are all very kind and eager to share their experiences and knowledge."

- Chan Basaruddin, Indonesia


"It is really a very pleasant environment where people are gathering from different places with the diverse cultural background talking about their own system and experiences for the same destiny of the development of Higher Education."

- Margaret, Myanmar


"I found it very intriguing and eye-opening, particularly on understanding the different situations in various countries.  Granted I work in the American system and quite familiar with the discussions that facilitators gave, it was the discussions by fellow participants that made me realize what else is happening and what difficulties others are facing.  This has a tremendous significance on globalization of higher education. "

- Simon, USA


"Hong Kong has an established higher education system, which can be used to show to those participants what is the core of the Hong Kong higher education system, namely academic freedom and internationalization. ……HKU is blessed by a number of academics who have experience working with ADB, World Bank and UNESCO. ……I hope the Summer Institute will become a permanent feature of the Faculty of Education every Summer. "

- Henry Chan, Beijing


"The highlight of this Summer Institute is the intimate interactions between the participants and facilitators, especially in such large scale. Most of the time during the Institute, thoughts and insights are generated from the multilateral discussions whereas unilateral sharing couldn’t reach such an impact. …The diversity and freedom of academic autonomy in HKU bring new challenges to my paradigm of thoughts. "

- Minnie Wong, Macau


"We have had intriguing insights at the sessions in Higher Education Tomorrow. Theinstitute is a good hub to foster more and more effective collaborations between the ASIAN universities"

- Orkhon, Mongolia


"I enjoy every minutes of it and have learned a lot from the talks and discussions as well. Asian countries have a great potential in higher education development, but from the discussion, we feel that we are facing the same challenges."

- Shi Jinghuan, Facilitator, Tsinghua University, China


"My participation at the Institute was a unique opportunity to meet new friends from the region, to renew energies on our shared aspirations towards a better education, and to become inspired by a new generation of promising higher education leaLders."

- Francisco Marmolejo, Facilitator, World Bank

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