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Many activities are taking place to promote networking and to support research relating to the Constituent Theme. A public forum on the Constituent Theme Funding was held on 23 Feb 2006 for all interested HKU staff members and research students to discuss cross-faculty research initiatives and research support relating to language in education and language assessment. Around 70 participants attended the forum.

Eight focal areas of research have been defined and over 70 current projects have been identified which are relevant to the following areas:

The nature of language systems and language use in multilingual / multicultural contexts
The learning of mother tongue, second and additional language
Second language writing/literacy practices in education

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The mental lives of language teachers and language learners

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The assessment of language + literacy (K-adult)

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Language use across the disciplines

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The planning, implementation and evaluation of language literacy policy
Critical pedagogy: issues of power, ideology, culture, and identity in education

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Click here for a chart of the eight focal research areas.

Information regarding funding criteria, application guidelines and reporting mechanisms for research supported by constituent theme funds can be downloaded at http://www.fe.hku.hk/clear/doc.html

Click here for some photos taken in the forum (23 Feb 2006)

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